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Car Price List

Vehicle osoby.png, 28 kB Prices Waiting Rate per hr Daily rate
Audi A6 4+1 from 16CZK/1km 350CZK/1hr 1400CZK 2000CZK

Mini-Coaches Price List

Vehicle osoby.png, 28 kB Prices Waiting Rate per hr Daily rate
Iveco Daily 30+1 od 30Kč/1km 350Kč/1hod 1700Kč 2500Kč
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BUS Lux 23+1 od 25Kč/1km 300Kč/1hod 1700Kč 2000Kč
Mercedes-Benz Ultra Comfort 20+1 od 27Kč/1km 300Kč/1hod 1700Kč 2000Kč
VW Transporter 7+1 od 15Kč/1km 300Kč/1hod 1200Kč 2000Kč

Luggage Trailer

Vehicle Prices Daily rate
CARGO VAN ( 6,2 m3 ) 1CZK/1km 350CZK

The prices shown are contractual and without VAT, travels abroad are exempt from taxes, except Germany and Austria, where it would be necessary to pay VAT. It is necessary to add costs for parking, if any.


Journeys up to 100 km are possible only in the form of hourly rates for fixed price. We only rent our vehicles with our drivers! We don't rent the luggage trailer separately!

Basic rate

Basic rate (above) is for individual travels, for a short-term shuttle (for your employees), for new customers and for customer with an year invoicing for our services to 50.000 CZK without VAT. New customers - a payment in advance (100%) in cash or a deposit invoice in the amount of the calculation. Regular customers - price above 10.000CZK = a deposit 50%, otherwise 100% due date 10 days.

Contractual rates

We offer only for VIP clients with an year invoicing for our services since 100.001 CZK without VAT. For travel agencies - if the contract is for entire season. Companies - for the yearlong shuttle of employees. Contractual rates for VIP clients are without deposits. Due date of invoices is 14 days. Price list for VIP clients is available only on demand.

Longer travels

Waiting rates are not charged from 18.00 to 8.00 following day, if the vehicle is not in operation. The waiting rates are charged according to the price list from 8.00 to 18.00. The price does not include an accomodation for the driver.

Costs abroad

Client pays (if he does not pay directly) customs fees during travel abroad, transit tax charges, highway fees, fees for the tunnels, ferries, parking, foreign driver's diets or a salary for the second driver, if he must be present (European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport AETR) and other costs necessary to ensure the ordered transportation.

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